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Some works by Valerie

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Study for Hero Worship #3 - Edward Snowden







Hero Worship #3- Edward Snowden,
Acrylic on Canvas with inkjet transfer text,
10" x 12" December 2013


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Harvest moon soapstone sculptureharvestmoon







Harvest Moon,
ASoapstone, ink, fibreglass and urethane,
15 cm high x 9.5 wide x 9.5 cm deep, 2009.


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relief sculpturelies side view







Lies, Lies, and Damned Lies,
Acrylic on canvas with Fibreglass & polymer clay.

17" high x 12" 2007-2009


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Terminal idiocy- sculpture










Terminal Idiocy, 1 of 12 (slight variance)
fibreglass, wood, plaster, clay, acrylic paint, and seeds,
43 cm high x 24.5 wide x 24 cm deep, 2007-2009.

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Buyer Beware #3 Original anmiation Produced, written, directed and animated by V.O'Flynn

V.O'Flynn Creative commons Canada 2.5 license by, noncommercial, no derivatives, 2008






seed safe soapstone sculptureseed safe front view








Seed Safe,
Soapstone, various Heritage seeds,
sealed with acrylic varnish & Fibreglass resin,
10 cm high x 11 wide x 14 cm deep, 2007 (resin added 2009).

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soapstoneheavy heart soapstone









Heavy Heart,

sealed with Fibreglass resin,
10 cm high x 11 wide x 14 cm deep, 2005


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sculpture post 9 11 privacy paradigm





Post 9/11 Privacy Paradigm
June 2003
Fibreglass, clay, wood, magnifying glass.

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I watched the war on TV fibreglass sculpture




I Watched the War on T.V
June 2003
Fibreglass, clay, wood.

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Insallation shot
Civil society: option one far right
Civil society: option two centre
Civil society: option three far left

Fibreglass, clay, wood, paper.
(Option three also has chicken wire)
2001-2002  (sold)

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"Greed is not civil" 

Fibreglass, wood, clay.

Updated 2008, new image not yet available

(many more financial scandals of course)

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"Civil is as Civil Does"
Fibreglass, wood, clay.






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Artist's statement & trivia

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Born: London Ontario Canada, 1960

 Honours Bachelor of Fine Arts (printmaking practicum), University of Western Ontario, 1983. Bachelor of Education, University of Western Ontario, 1984. Artist member: Gallery 96, Stratford. (C.V. available on request) 

Artists statement: When asked, I have described my work as emotive realism. I want my images to be visually accessible to the viewer so that my content is accessible. The great painter Wassilly Kandinsky stated that the form art takes is dependent on the epoch, the nationality and the personality of the artist. I feel the impact of these forces on my work. In addition to these forces, words have always held great sway with me and my works usually have a literal base for the contemplative messages I wish to convey. Our time and nation also impact on my works, we are a people in a state of uncertainty, in a time of flux. My work of the past few years explores my reaction to the world I live in and thoughts I have about it that I would like to share. 

Comments are always instructive, to say the least!

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This page compiled and updated by Valerie O'Flynn, All artwork is copyright. Copyright held by Valerie O'Flynn, all rights reserved. Last updated December 2009.

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